Establish Smoke-free Jurisdiction in Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Hai Phong is one of the three biggest cities and among the five cities under the Central managementin Vietnam. It has 7 urban districts and 8 suburban districts. The project has been funded by TFK and BP, and mainly implemented in 7 urban districts from June 2011. During the first 19 months, the overall purpose of the project was to establish and support implementation of  a smoke-free policy in Hai Phong and to use this smoke -free model in HaiPhong as evidence and support to strengthen smoke-free provisions of National Law.

Smoke-free public place

CDS has coordinated closely with the People’s Committee, the Department of Health and the Center for Health Education and Communication of Hai Phong city to implement project activities. The Project Steering Committee (PSC) was headed by Mr.Vice Chair of Hai Phong People’s Committee. The PSC members are Heads of all City major departments. The smoke-free jurisdiction has been realized by the issuance of Directive No. 28/CT-UBND on November 28, 2011 by the City People’s Committee with an enforcement mechanism. TOTs were organized to provide key leaders and communicators with knowledge and skills to educate the public about tobacco harms, the necessity of smoke-free environments and changing social norms on smoking and tobacco use. Effective communication campaigns have been used to increase public awareness of tobacco harms, and to provide support for and promote desired behavior change in order to protect people from exposure to tobacco smoke in workplaces and public places. The enforcement groups at the City and district levels were established to ensure compliance with regulations of the City People’s Committee on tobacco harm prevention and control.

The project activities have reduced tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke as well as mobilized the City leaders and people’s compliance with and support for smoke-free policies of Hai Phong and Vietnam.