About Us

The Center for Research and Community Development Services (CDS) was officially established in March, 2007 by a social marketing group that split from an American Non-Governmental organization, International Development Enterprises (IDE). Most of the CDS staff has worked for INGOs for over 10 years in different development sectors.

CDS key staff

CDS staff hase actively been involved in different development and public health programs such as environmental sanitation, and community development, especially Trachoma Prevention and Tobacco Control (TC).

Trachoma Prevention was a sophisticated social marketing campaign, which was conducted alongside local government partners to reach a target audience of 1.8 million people across six provinces in northern Vietnam from 2000-2002.  Trachoma Prevention was funded and coordinated by the International Trachoma Initiative that included the distribution of an antibiotic, and surgery for the most severe cases of infection. The program achieved remarkable results. Trachoma rates in all project districts have fallen under 5%, the threshold level below which the scientific community believes the bacteria cannot sustain itself.

Along with the Vietnam Committee of Smoking and Health (VINACOSH) on Tobacco Control, CDS staff have been implementing various TC programs in all big cities and provinces of Vietnam. One of the programs was Communication for Behavior Impact (COMBI), funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, from 2002-2006. COMBI was implemented in Hai Phong, Da Nang and Tien Giang. The program results were very satisfactory: people’s awareness about hazards of smoking and secondhand smoke rose remarkably, with 70% of smoking fathers no longer smoking near their wives and children. And more importantly is that wives and women in general now can raise their voices to tell husbands not to smoke near other family members and other people.

The strength of CDS flows from the creativity and hard work of its staff, and from the collaboration and partnership with INGOs, local NGOs and local Governments.

With strong commitment to TC and established, credible working relationships with provincial and district-level authorities, from before and after the time of its establishment, CDS has been involved in many TC programs and activities and made contributions to the successes of TC in Vietnam.

Vision and Core Value

CDS’ mission is to bring a better life for people through community development programs, with the core value being behavior change in smoking habits and reduced exposure to secondhand smoke.

Our vision is to become a leading local NGO working in TC in Viet Nam.