CDS has engaged in and performed a number researches relating to TC activities or project evaluation. Of these, the following research has been done at a national level:

-          Research and Development of a new system of health warnings on cigarette packages in Vietnam. Prominent warning labels on tobacco product packaging provide the most direct health messages to all smokers, as well as to non-smokers who see the packs. In order to have effective pack warning labels submitted to the Ministry of Health and policymakers, CDS staff carefully designed and tested content and graphic presentation of many different labels to get feedback from target groups before finalizing 5 selected ones. 5 pictorial health warning were approved and ready to use.

-          Research on TIs Advertising, Sponsorship and Philanthropy Activities in Vietnam. A key component of tobacco control is to enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsoring. The main objective of this research is to help functional agencies of the Vietnam government understand the real situation of compliance with bans on tobacco advertising in Vietnam so that they can  take more effective measures to protect people from marketing tactics of tobacco product traders and manufacturers, and to decrease tobacco consumption.

-          Research on the compliance with the regulation on the health warnings and the effect of the current health warnings printed on cigarette packets in Vietnam from April 2008. The research results show limitations on the impact and effects of the current health warnings, and provide functional agencies with recommendations on how to have more effective health warnings on cigarette packs in the future.


research results